Thursday, February 28, 2013

♥【★】My Favourite male actors【★】♥

The funny in this post  , that all my favourite (◕‿◕✿) Stars are Koreans ... l'ets'start now
 My top 5  male korean actors : h

My First One Is  Lee Min hoo his born in 22/06/1987  i like him because has an amazing talent in acting not only that he's a good singer too
My Seconde actor is Kim Sang Bum
The Third : Kim Hyun Joong
The fourth : Kim Joon
The fifth : Lee Jong Suk


  1. OMG my babiies :D :D 9albi saghir la yata7ammal *__* I looove them ALL :* :*
    Nice pictures by the way!!

  2. Hi,these pictures is very nice! For me they are amazing guys! I very much love Korea !:))

    1. hi ^^ thanks for ur comment ... same here i <3 korea to

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  4. I love korea very much, and I watch all the korean movies and dramas!! They are really good!! And those are really good and talented actors!! Love Kim Hyun Joong <3 <3